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Sabrina Birch
   Master   Reiki
   Intuitive, Empathic
Discernment   of Darkness
Emotional  Release  Facilitator
It Works Global Distributor

445 Lincoln Dr.
Idaho Falls, Id


I went to Sabrina after finding her on Google, and this is the first professional reiki session I’ve ever had in my life. First of all, I feel like she changed my life. Sabrina spent so much time with me and I felt so comfortable with her because she is overflowing with warmth and kindness. She has genuine respect and love for people of all cultures, backgrounds and religions, and it is clear that her mission in life is to help others and bring light into their lives. The reiki session was an hour long and at about 45 minutes in, I finally felt release of the tension in my body. I felt calmer and more relaxed. I had gone to her because I was new to this town, and had just arrived here on a contract, and was feeling overwhelmed about my decision. I had so many apprehensions and uncertainties, as well as sadness. After the session, I felt a sense of well-being when I left her house. I noticed the real difference the next day and there on after. I felt motivated to get out of the house and find ways to entertain myself and stay busy all day. I suddenly felt motivated to buy a skateboard and take up skateboarding which had been a recent thought but something I didn’t think I would actually do, due to fear. Well, I did it. And I had a lesson and I didn’t fall. I’ve been skateboarding almost daily since and it’s been a week and I’ve improved so much since first starting. No more crippling fear of falling, absolutely no negative self-talk. This is ground-breaking for me. Also, the day after our reiki session, I was informed that my job contract got cancelled due to no longer being needed. And I have been here waiting to find a new job, yet for the first time in my life not freaking out or feeling very stressed at all. I have a strong sense of well-being and feelings that very good things are to come. Sabrina took away so much of my fear and sadness. I don’t even know how to explain it, it’s absolutely remarkable. This is from one session ever. All I can say is, Sabrina is a wonderful and very gifted and giving person, and if you trust her to help you, she will help you more than you could even imagine. Thank you so much Sabrina for giving me the gift of peace and empowerment.

L. Collins

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