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 About Sabrina Birch, MasterReiki Master/Teacher & Energy Worker 

Hello!  I am excited you have come to my website taking some time to learn about who I am!

My name is Sabrina Birch, back when I was younger, I would dream about people and my dreams would come true. The joke in my family was don't let Sabrina dream about you it may come true. I have lived in many places and had many life experiences that have brought me to where I am and made me the Energy Worker I am today!

This is the story of my energy journey of learning: 

I have always been "oversensitive' but it hasn't been till recent years that I have realized that I feel other peoples emotions and feelings. I found I am empathic. I have learned to use this gift in this amazing field of energy work. At first, it was hard to understand as I felt I was a crazed overly emotional person. I am also sensitive to spirits, good and bad. I am blessed with the gift of discernment.

Previous Work Experience:

I worked at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Ut, medical records, trained and worked CNA working at a retirement center, I Iove those I served. Then off to work for Migrant Headstart for a couple years just trying something different. I began as a teacher aide and soon became the teacher. Those kids were such fun! 

 I then quit because of  health reasons, then part-time for State Farm Insurance until life threw me some curveballs and I became a single mom.

I worked  for the State of Idaho for WIC program for 10 years, at that time I also worked 3 other  part time jobs to support myself and my daughter.

After WIC I worked for Child Support Services for the State of Idaho for an additional 5 years.

At the end of 15 years of service for the State of Idaho, I had a slight stroke and ended up quitting my job.

During the next 5 years, I found I had many spiritual gifts such as being a Crystal Empath, As crazy as this sounds I was feeling everyone else's emotions, not just mine! Life was certainly easier when I found this out  when I learened how to which were mine and what emotions belonged to others! For many years I just thought I was a crazy  over emotional over reacting person! 

I found that I could see those from the dark side and was taught how to use this gift (this didnt seem like a gift at the time) It was terrifying !

Now its an everday part of my life to help people with these issues. I can see the weapons the dark uses on us!

If people could see what they do to us it would be so scarey for them!

I hear & sense when those who have passed before us are around. Not all of them have good intentions!


In 2015 I went to an energy healing conference  while I was there I received a phone call saying my mother in law had  had a stroke! I was so upset The woman who set up the conference, Tami Anderson Ward found me crying and suggested I go see Robin Johnson who is a Master Reiki and said she could help he to calm down. Now I had heard bad things about Reiki and expressed my opinins of what I had herd Tammy told me  just try it to see. So I did. When Robin worked on me she found a block in my ear, she asked have you heard something from a man you didnt want to hear. I told her my whole adult life! 

( Just as a side note: I had been having trouble with my cell phone I could hardly hear on it I told my husband I needed a new one.)

After Robin was finished with a short free session not only did I feel better but I could hear on my phone and many other things!  While at the conference I attended a self reiki class Robin taught I found I could feel energy very well and heard a voice 3 times say to me "This is what you need to do."I called my husband and told him what had happened and signed up  to learn Reiki It was truly the last thing on my radar!

in November of 2015, I completed my Usui Holy Fire  Reiki 1& II  and came home studied and opened a practice of Reiki !  I loved it!  I saw immediate benefits for others. I found my intuition helped me complete my job in a much different fashion that some that were in my class.

People then began calling for energy work I had never had much experience with it but had been taught at night what to do by angels. I was given an energy book and knew what to do with it!

July 2016, I became a Reiki Master/Teacher! 


I hope you will give energy work a chance it can work for you!  

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