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Usui/Holy Fire III  Reiki I & II

Level One ($125.) 2nd Level ($350) = $475 

We will learn about, Reiki history, the body's energy systems, and principles, meditation, chakra clearing, principles. You will be taught the hand positions to complete a basic reiki treatment. Learn to work with energy to help promote health; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You will receive the First Degree attunement. You will have practice time working on your class mates and even have a  receive a Reiki treatment during class.

​​In the second part of level 2 you will receive the Second Degree attunement, learn Reiki symbols, receive information, time will be given to learning & memorizing the symbols. Practitioner/Student will learn how to provide a Reiki session. Once the course is completed, you will be able to do a Reiki

See below for scheduling information

Usui/Holy Fire III ART/Master Teacher

A.R.T. ($225) & MASTER ($575) =$800


Additional meditation techniques will be learned, as well as Japanese Reiki positions. You

will receive a partial Master attunement. Student will learn additional information on

healing tools and techniques to use as a compliment with Reiki, use of essential oils, working with stones or crystals and color, sound therapy healing and power symbols, and practices

that you  may be interested in trying.

​Near the end of class after having time for learning and integration of practices and

principles and, student will be fully attuned to Reiki Master. Reiki Master will be given additional symbols as well and time to learn and practice attuning others to the 4 levels or degrees of Reiki work.

A.R.T.(Advanced Reiki Techniques)

For Class Schedules Please Call 208-681-4776

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